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About Me

The Phenomenal Lead Vocalist, Matachi Ngozi Nwosu-Adelakun is the new household name in the Gospel Music domain. Her resolution to be fully engaged in music through song rendition and song composition was kindled when she was a child. During family devotion, almost everyone could sing well, particularly her parents, this fascinated her and made singing an irresistible hobby for her.

Although she began intentional singing as a child, she did not let age spring up as a barrier between her passion and her future. As the saying goes “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. She has made beautiful use of the opportunities life brought her way. She moved from being a child-singer at Evangelical Churches of West Africa, her home church where she began singing to being a lead vocalist in many music groups, with Rhema Mass choir in the lead. Presently, she is a headliner at International Christian Centre, Los Angeles, California.

Aside from working her secular job as best possible and raising a Godly home(marriage), she intentionally gives attention and quality time to create worship music. This shows that music is not a pass time for her, it is a life, her life.

Matachi has a striking characteristic, which is her deep love for God and for singing. This fuels and drives her passion to see people seek and serve God with songs of acknowledgement of His personality and acts.

Her passion spawned her vision to see the whole world worship the one true God with her from her space to the world, so she writes songs in this regard.

Recently, with a resilient resolve from the position of a seasoned songwriter/composer and adept singer, in conjunction with international and multi-award winning music producer, Ambassador Wole Oni, she began her soon to be released debut album project.

She is from Abia state, Nigeria, but resides in Los Angeles with her family and also works there.